While it’s common to paint over dark wood trim with white paint, we think there’s good reason to keep the wood natural and let it shine. Wood trim can feel wonderfully homey and welcoming, and lends a vintage feel to your home. By letting your home’s natural beauty shine through, you add a type of warmth that can’t be replicated. But in order to prevent your home from feeling too dark, it’s important to pick the right shade of paint to pair with natural wood trim.

While more of our suggestions fall into the white or beige family, there are a few bolder choices that work just as beautifully with wood trim.

Here are the best paint colors that go well with natural wood trim.

  • The Spruce

    This stunning home from oakolivestudio feels open, airy, and a little bit vintage in the best way. Greige is a perfect choice to pair with wood trim because it looks fresh and organic but not stark, and keeps the wood trim from feeling too dark. Sherwin-Williams’ Ice Cube is a light gray with slightly cool undertones, and it looks lovely against light or dark wood trim.

    Sherwin-Williams Ice Cube SW 6252

  • The Spruce

    If you want to create a warm, calming space, the right beige can really play well with a natural wood trim. TheĀ Spruce Best Home’s Macrame Beige has a creamy yellow undertone that pairs well with the warmth of natural wood.

    The Spruce Best Home Macrame Beige SPR-05

  • The Spruce

    We love Benjamin Moore’s Vapor Trails because it’s a cool grayish-green paint that looks almost white in high natural light areas. When painted next to a natural wood trim, the soft green undertones really shine through. It’s a great choice for a bedroom or an office that could use a little pop of color without overwhelming.

    Benjamin Moore Vapor Trails 1556

  • The Spruce

    Behr’s Snow FallĀ is a lovely white shade that is perfect for lightening up any home and works well with even the darkest of wood trim. It doesn’t have any harsh cool or warm undertones, and because it lacks any yellow, it’s perfect for toning down a yellowy wood trim. We love this white for a bedroom because it’s soothing and not stark.

    Behr Snow Fall W-F-600

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  • The Spruce

    If you have a lot of warmth in your natural wood trim and want to tone down any orange hues, you’ll love Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace. This cool white paint has soft blue undertones and adds a lot of visual interest with high contrast against dark wood trim.

    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace OC-65

  • The Spruce

    If you want to play up the warmth in your wood trim, go for a warm hue that brings out the reds and oranges in the wood. We love Valspar’s Du Jour because it’s a creamy off-white with soft orange undertones that pairs beautifully with a variety of wood finishes.

    Valspar Du Jour 7002-6

  • The Spruce

    A neutral green is a lovely choice for a home with wood trim because it feels earthy and woodsy, and really plays up the organic wood. The Spruce Best Home’s Quiet Green is a muted, soft green that works best with light wood trim.

    The Spruce Best Home Quiet Green SPR-09

  • The Spruce

    While many of the best colors to pair with wood trim are whites or neutrals, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in a color too. Benjamin Moore’s Iceberg is a crisp light blue that adds a punch of color to your living space or hallways without feeling dark.

    Benjamin Moore Iceberg 2122-50

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  • The Spruce

    Magnolia’s Weathered Windmill is a medium gray with soft green undertones and creates a warm inviting space when paired with natural wood trim. Either medium wood or even dark reddish wood looks lovely next to this foggy gray paint.

    Magnolia Weathered Windmill

  • The Spruce

    Think wood trim means you can’t paint with a dark color? Think again. Sherwin-Williams’ Inkwell is a rich black with just enough blue in it to look almost navy in the right space. It feels incredibly cozy and moody when paired with a rich wood trim.

    Sherwin-Williams Inkwell SW 6992

Not only does natural wood trim look traditional and classy, but it adds a lot of warmth to any home. The right paint color will keep wood trim from feeling dark or outdated and can really add a lot of depth to your interiors.